The Clock Has Stopped!

The clock has stopped! The official breakup time is Wednesday, May 2 at 7:51 pm.  We know who our Kusko Ice Classic and Minute Madness winners are BUT we are waiting to announce until we meet with KYUK around 9 pm. We’ll have an announcement posted immediately after we have had that meeting and contacted the winners.

By the way, if you think you have the winning guess- answer your phones!
Here’s a couple housekeeping items:
1) Yep, the Tripod didn’t move far. A sheet of ice started moving and the tripod advanced far enough to run out of line and stop the clock. So it’s still in view but the contests are finished.
2) Breakup Bash, with free hot dogs provided by Alaska Commercial Company, will be Friday at 5 pm at the river wall in front of FNBA! We’re waiting til Friday due to KuC graduation tomorrow, the chance to kick off the weekend with a free hot dog and to give our entertainers a chance to prepare.

Still Waiting and Watching!

Still waiting and watching!

The clock is still ticking!
We had a few moments of excitement at about 11 pm on Monday, April 30. Just as many ice classic fans decided it was time to give up their vigilant watches and call it a night, the tripod moved downriver a short distance and then toppled over. People in Bethel raced to the riverfront, many forgetting hats and gloves in 30-degree weather in the race to see if the clock would stop at their guessed time, but the ice stopped moving. The tripod has remained stuck in relatively the same position, about halfway through the length it needs to travel to stop the ticking clock.
Coincidentally, the Nenana Ice Tripod and the Kuskokwim Iced Tripod both fell on the same day! Could this be the year that the Nenana and the Kuskokwim go out together??
The Bethel Tripod could finish its journey any time folks!
Stay tuned!

The Tripod is Up and Ready to Go!

Spring has officially arrived! The Kuskokwim Ice Classic Tripod has been raised and is ready to go!

This year, the Ice Classic had to do a bit extra work to prepare for the raising. In 2015, the Tripod committee was interested in changing up the Tripod. We asked the LKSD STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) students for ideas. The idea of a tripod consisting of storyknives and kayaks was so unique that we couldn’t pass it up. We took that idea and gave it to master builder, Eric Whitney, who transformed the idea into a massive work of art that stood on the River for all to gaze and guess that year.

As luck would have it, when the river went out the tripod was so well built and breakup was so mild, that Eric was able to kayak himself to the now floating tripod and bring it home! In 2016 the tripod was resurrected, repainted, and raised for the 2016 Ice Classic, but unfortunately it was crushed by the ice and went downriver never to be seen again.

Over the Christmas break, Eric stepped up to the task again and this year we have a new tripod with an amazing paint scheme that looks tremendous! You really have to see it!

This morning onlookers watched as Eric, Robert Hodges, Bob Wasierski and the Ice Classic crew raised the tripod for 2017. It went off without a hitch and now stands proud and tall marking this start of the Spring season.

Thank you so much to everyone, but especially, Whitney Home and Energy, AMW Construction, Rick Hanson, Robert Hodges, Yuut Elitnaurviat, Lucas Salzbrun (Rural Service Solutions), and everyone who participated. Get your guesses in! It won’t be long until it’s that time!!

Ice Classic 2017 Application Now Available


Download the Application!

The 2017 Kuskokwim Ice Classic is providing an opportunity for youth-serving groups in Bethel and in Y-K Delta area villages to sell tickets for this year’s Ice Classic event. Groups selected to participate AND which sell the minimum number of required tickets will receive a portion of the Ice Classic earnings. Only groups that sell the required number of tickets will be considered “beneficiary groups” which will receive funds from the Ice Classic. An explanation of this distribution formula is on page 3. The deadline for groups to apply to sell tickets is November 30, 2016 at 5 pm. Groups will be selected in December.


  • Your group’s primary goal must be to provide activities for youth.
  • You must name 2 adults who can be a primary and secondary point of contact between January and May. One of the adults must be able to attend a ticket sales strategy planning meeting. We will have tickets available for groups in December if groups want them early, but there will be minimal sales through March & the bulk of sales will occur in April.
  • Bethel-based groups must sell a minimum of 100 books of tickets (one book contains 5 tickets). Village-based groups must sell a minimum of 50 books of tickets*(village groups: see page 3). Groups that sell the required minimum number of tickets will receive a portion of the Ice Classic revenue (see page 3 for distribution formula explanation).

Download the Application!

2016 Break Up Bash Photos

The weather was amazing, the hotdogs were aplenty, and the music and dancing kept the Bethel waterfront hopping this afternoon as we all celebrated the beginning of the summer season. It seems odd to think summer in April, but here it is and we will take it. Have a safe time on the water and remember to always wear your Personal Flotation Device (PFD)!

Here are the photos of the fun afternoon and evening