Hey everyone, so I’m sure you have heard by now, or seen the evidence on the webcam of something happening to the tripod today. While we were down checking on the Ice Classic shack, the tripod toppled right over! This did NOT trip the clock. The events are still ongoing, as the tripod has to move 100 yards downriver until it trips the clock and a winner is determined. Good luck everyone!

Second Chance Contest!

Starting Friday, April 28, a very limited run of Second Chance Ice Classic tickets will be available for purchase. The second chance tickets are completely separate from the original 2017 Ice Classic and there will only be 60 tickets available. Ticket pricing, dates of sale and rules are available here or at


2017 Jackpot Announced!

The Kuskokwim Ice Classic jackpot for 2017 will be $12,500- the largest jackpot in recent history. The Ice Classic winner will earn all $12,500 or split the pot equally in the event of multiple winners. We look forward to an exciting 2017 season!