Minute Madness is SOLD OUT

Wow, what a day! Minute Madness went on sale at noon today and sold out in a matter of hours!

Didn’t get a chance to participate in Minute Madness? We have had a lot of interest and are considering opening a second wheel over the weekend. If you would be interested in getting in on a second Minute Madness wheel (which would operate independently of the first wheel), let us know ASAP by texting or calling the sales phone at 545-8483 and we’ll put you on an interest list. If we get enough interest, we’ll get one going.

If Minute Madness isn’t really your jam, but you still want to get in on this crazy Ice Classic energy, you can find groups selling our regular Ice Classic tickets at AC and Swanson’s over the weekend. Don’t wait, though, the river could break any day! Don’t forget- if the river breaks before April 22, you have to have your guesses in the day before breakup, so move quickly!

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