Minute Madness Winners

The Kusko Ice Classic is ready to announce the Minute Madness winners!

Our Minute Madness- Original Contest winner was Sean Codman of Bethel, who purchased the very last minute- 02- for sale Friday, April 5 at 4 pm. That wheel sold out, and Sean wins $10,000 for minute 02.

The Ice Classic sponsored a second Minute Madness that opened at noon on Friday April 12 due to popular demand- Minute Madness Round Two. Cezary Maczynski won Minute Madness II. Fifty minutes sold in four hours on that wheel before breakup forced the team to stop selling minutes- creating a jackpot of $8,333.34 for Cezary.

The Regular Ice Classic jackpot is $12,500. The Ice Classic committee and volunteers are still sorting eligible guesses. We hope to announce the winner of the $12,500 jackpot as soon as possible- but because we had to apply our Early Breakup Rule and are still sorting guesses, it may take us a few days.

Stay tuned!

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