Two weeks to go!

Ticket sales (and the weather) are heating up!

Have you purchased your tickets yet? Have you made your guesses and turned them in? Time is running out! There is now less than two weeks remaining until the Ice Classic deadline of Monday, April 18 at 7:00 PM.

Support Bethel’s youth and take a chance at the $10,000 prize!

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Ice Thickness Report!

Here at Ice Classic Headquarters we just got off the phone with Mr. Kevin Murphy who has been measuring the thickness of the river ice in front of Bethel for decades. On or near the last day of every winter month he goes to approximately the same spot (in front of the port), drills a small hole in the ice and takes a measurement.

On January 31st the ice measured 30″. On February 29th… 35″. To my surprise, Murphy noted that this was about “average”. What? This is the warmest winter anyone can remember? How could it be?

So I did a little research and sure enough, according to the Ice Thickness Database compiled by the Alaska Pacific River Forecast Center, average February ice thickness on the Kuskokwim at Bethel is 36″.

What does this mean for the Ice Classic? Well, in a year where so many seemed certain that break-up would come early, perhaps it’s time to think again! The guessing game is on!