The Clock Has Stopped!

May 3, 2020 at 9:58 PM – Official Time

The 2020 Kuskokwim Ice Classic is over! After the tripod fully submerged into the water this afternoon, we watched and waited nervously. We were sure we would have a long nightwatch at the shack tonight….but no cold night is in store for us- the 2020 Ice Classic ended at 9:58 pm this evening.

Thanks to all our fans, customers, volunteers, and staff for making this season such a successful one, despite challenges due to COVID-19.  Winner(s) will be announced soon! We will announce Minute Madness winners first, followed by the regular Ice Classic jackpot and winner(s). As you might imagine, it is going to take a bit of extra time to organize all the regular Ice Classic guesses before we can announce that winner(s).

Welcome to Summer!



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