Ice Thickness Update #2!

For many winters, on the last day of every month, Bethelite Kevin Murphy has drilled a hole through the frozen surface of the Kuskokwim River with a hand-powered auger and measured the thickness of the ice, which he then reports to the National Weather Service. Yesterday Mr. Murphy was kind enough to let us tag along as he took what will most likely be his final measurement of the 2014-15 winter. If you’ve been following us here at, you may recall that last month, on Februrary 28th, Murphy reported a measurement of 35 1/2″.  Yesterday’s measurement of the river ice in front of the Bethel City Dock was precisely 34″, meaning the ice has shed 1 1/2″ in the last month. Murhpy indicated that 34″ is on the low end of the normal range for this time of year. What does that mean for break-up and the Ice Classic? That, friends, is up to you! Be sure to buy your tickets and get your guesses in soon… The deadline of April 20th at 7pm is fast approaching! Check out some photos of Kevin Murphy and his young assistant on the river yesterday evening.

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