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Historical Ice Thickness Data

2023 Ice Thickness:

Bethel Area Kuskokwim River Ice Measurement: 42 inches thick at the tripod.

2021 Ice Thickness: 

Bethel Area Kuskokwim River Ice Measurements: 41 inches thick at the tripod with 8 inches of snow and ice on top.

Other areas:
37 inches mid-channel straight out from the boat harbor entrance;

30 inches old airport channel with a lot of water pressure coming out of the drill hole;

33 inches main channel outside the mouth of Church Slough;

32 inches at the mouth of Straight Slough.

Snow cover has settled and melted quite a bit. Down to about a foot of snow in undisturbed areas. Lots of water under the snow everywhere. Info came from Mark Leary via an Ice Classic fan. Thank you for taking measurements for the Riverwatch and sharing info!

2019 Ice Thickness: 

02/14/19: ice in front of Bethel ranges 18-24 inches

03/08/19: average ice thickness from Aniak to the mouth of the Johnson River is 24 inches- according to National Weather Service data, this is about 60% of normal ice thickness

2018 Ice Thickness: 

April 3, 2018 Ice Thickness: 36″

March 4, 2018 Ice Thickness: 34″

February 4, 2018 Ice Thickness: 30.5″

As measured by Kevin Murphy in front of the City of Bethel Dock

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