2021 Kuskokwim Ice Classic Rules


1) Winner is determined by the person or persons who guess the exact minute of breakup. If no one has guessed the exact minute of breakup, the next closest minute on either side of the exact minute will be the winning time. In the event of multiple winners, the pot will be split accordingly. The Ice Classic does not measure seconds.


*Example: Clock stops at 5 pm. If there is no 5:00 pm guess or guesses, and the next closest guesses are 4:57 pm and 5:03 pm, both guesses would win as they are the closest guesses to the exact minute of breakup (and are equal minutes apart from the exact time of breakup).


2) The winner will earn 50% of the jackpot raised (split equally in the event of multiple winners). An individual can only win ONE time (example: if Person A submits two guesses for April 30 at 4:57 pm and Person B submits one guess for April 30 at 4:57 pm and that time wins, the prize is split 50/50, NOT 2/3 and 1/3).


3) All State statutes and regulations apply.


4) Guesses must be submitted no later than the day before breakup occurs in order to be eligible to win (i.e. no same-day guesses). No refunds will be issued for same-day guesses or guesses made on the day breakup occurs.

*Example: Clock stops at 4 pm on May 21. Any eligible guess would need to have been submitted by or on May 20.


5) COVID-19 Mitigation: No paper tickets will be used in 2021; all guesses will be entered directly into a database for COVID-19 safety and ease of sorting and tracking.


6) Guesses must be submitted at the time of sale (customers may not pre-pay for guesses and make the guesses later).


7) No Board members or employees of BCSF are eligible to win.


8) If the winner has died, is unable to be located or refuses the prize, the next closest guess will be determined as the winner.


9) Time will be determined based on the official clock. A secondary, backup clock will be used. If both of these clocks fail, the third method used to determine the winner will be the webcam time/date stamp and/or the use of technology, i.e. gps coordinates/spotting scope based on distance calculated for tripod movement to

cause the clock to stop. If malfunction or another issue causes a situation where it is impossible to determine the winner using these methods, customers who purchased tickets must provide their ticket stubs and request refunds in order to be eligible for a refund. BCSF will refund ticket purchases at the value for which they were purchased.


10) The Kuskokwim Ice Classic Committee will make other recommendations about processes and decisions on an as-needed basis and will forward those recommendations to the BCSF Board for final approval.



** There is no official deadline, but guesses must be submitted no later than the day before breakup occurs in order to be eligible to win (i.e. no same-day guesses).

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