2023 Ice Classic Winner!

Mona Morrow of Aniak is the winner of the 2023 Kuskokwim Ice Classic with an exact guess of May 18 at 4:48 pm.

She just earned the $19,420 jackpot! Does her name sound familiar? That’s because Mona was ALSO our Minute Madness Clock 1 winner with Minute 48! When Haley Hanson, Ice Classic Manager, called Mona from the stage at Breakup Bash today, Mona said she just had a good feeling about the minute 48 this year. It’s a good thing she trusted her instincts because by the time this is all over, she brings home $29,420 in Ice Classic winnings from the two events! We can’t imagine what the odds are of being both a Minute Madness winner AND a regular ice classic winner in the same year, but here we are with a really unique twist to a super fun year!

Congratulations, Mona- we’re so happy for you!

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