Minute Madness!!

The Minute Madness Second Chance Contest is BACK!

Starting Friday, April 20th at 11am, a very limited run of Second Chance Ice Classic tickets will be available for purchase. The second chance tickets are completely separate from the original 2018 Ice Classic and there will only be 60 tickets available. Ticket pricing, dates of sale and rules are available here or at http://iceclassic.org/secondchance/.

Sales are Closed!

Thanks to all who submitted guesses! We know some folks did not make the drop box deadline or call in early enough to be processed for the Guess By Phone option. We did the best we could taking calls in the last hour, but we had a flood of dozens of callers in the last hour and it was impossible to process within 60 minutes. Hope to see you all back next year!

2018 Ice Classic Tickets on Sale! Jackpot Set at $12,500!

We are pleased to announce this year’s Ice Classic tickets are now on sale! Bethel youth groups will be selling tickets at AC every week day during the hours of 11am-3pm, and 5pm-7pm. You can also purchase tickets anytime at these permanent sales locations: BCSF, YK Fitness Center, Swanson’s, and Fili’s. Guesses are due by Monday, April 16th at 5pm.

Tickets are $5 for one, or $20 for a book of five, which will give you a chance at winning a $12,500 jackpot again this year!

This past week we got the tripod up and ready! We have a new design this year, created by Eric Whitney. Go check it out sometime, and remember to keep an eye on the river conditions!

2018 Group Sales Application Now Available!

Download Application HERE!

The 2018 Kuskokwim Ice Classic is providing an opportunity for youth-serving groups in Bethel and in Y-K Delta area villages to sell tickets for this season’s Ice Classic event. Groups selected to participate, and who sell the minimum number of required tickets, will receive a portion of the Ice Classic earnings. Only groups that sell the required number of tickets will receive funds from the Ice Classic. An explanation of this distribution formula is on page 3. Applications may be mailed, faxed, or emailed. The deadline for groups to apply to sell tickets is December 22, 2017 at 5 pm.