Ice Classic 2017 Application Now Available


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The 2017 Kuskokwim Ice Classic is providing an opportunity for youth-serving groups in Bethel and in Y-K Delta area villages to sell tickets for this year’s Ice Classic event. Groups selected to participate AND which sell the minimum number of required tickets will receive a portion of the Ice Classic earnings. Only groups that sell the required number of tickets will be considered “beneficiary groups” which will receive funds from the Ice Classic. An explanation of this distribution formula is on page 3. The deadline for groups to apply to sell tickets is November 30, 2016 at 5 pm. Groups will be selected in December.


  • Your group’s primary goal must be to provide activities for youth.
  • You must name 2 adults who can be a primary and secondary point of contact between January and May. One of the adults must be able to attend a ticket sales strategy planning meeting. We will have tickets available for groups in December if groups want them early, but there will be minimal sales through March & the bulk of sales will occur in April.
  • Bethel-based groups must sell a minimum of 100 books of tickets (one book contains 5 tickets). Village-based groups must sell a minimum of 50 books of tickets*(village groups: see page 3). Groups that sell the required minimum number of tickets will receive a portion of the Ice Classic revenue (see page 3 for distribution formula explanation).

Download the Application!