Tripod Raising Slideshow!

Wednesday was an exciting day for the Kuskokwim Ice Classic as the 2015 tripod — a remarkable collaboration between students, builders and volunteers — came together on the river ice and was raised to reach for the sky. The beautiful tripod was designed by Tamyka Ayuluk and Colton Ulroan, LKSD students enrolled in the STEM program, with the support of their instructor, Kevin McCalla. Their innovative idea was brought to life by Bethel craftsman Eric Whitney. In the end, it took many hands to move and raise the tripod. BCSF and The Kuskokwim Ice Classic thanks the AVCP Welding Crew from Yuut Elitnaurviat, Dennis Dishion, Zach Fansler and Gary Baldwin for their tremendous help at the Yuut Elitnaurviat shop and on the river this week. Please enjoy the slideshow below to see the tripod going up! (Photos by John Wallace, Michelle Dewitt and Paul Basile)

The 2015 Ice Classic Tripod

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This year the tripod is not just a tripod- it is art, designed by Tamyka Ayuluk and Colton Ulroan,  Lower Kuskokwim School District STEM (Science/Tech/Engineering/Math) students, with the support of their instructor, Kevin McCalla. The students’ design was brought to life by Eric Whitney/Whitney Construction.  We hope you’ll make your way to the riverfront today to see Bethel’s newest large scale art display. And don’t forget to buy your Ice Classic Tickets before April 20th!

The New Tripod Goes up Today!

Today’s the day! We will be erecting the amazing 2015 Ice Classic tripod on the river this evening. The structure was designed by a pair of students involved with the STEM program at LKSD and we think you’ll agree that it’s an exciting change from tripods of years past. We’ll begin work on the river at about 5pm so please swing by the riverfront to see this beauty go up! AND… tickets will be on sale at the Ice Classic shack on Front Street!