Still Waiting and Watching!

Still waiting and watching!

The clock is still ticking!
We had a few moments of excitement at about 11 pm on Monday, April 30. Just as many ice classic fans decided it was time to give up their vigilant watches and call it a night, the tripod moved downriver a short distance and then toppled over. People in Bethel raced to the riverfront, many forgetting hats and gloves in 30-degree weather in the race to see if the clock would stop at their guessed time, but the ice stopped moving. The tripod has remained stuck in relatively the same position, about halfway through the length it needs to travel to stop the ticking clock.
Coincidentally, the Nenana Ice Tripod and the Kuskokwim Iced Tripod both fell on the same day! Could this be the year that the Nenana and the Kuskokwim go out together??
The Bethel Tripod could finish its journey any time folks!
Stay tuned!
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