The Clock Has Stopped!

The clock stopped on May 5, 2022 at 6:05 pm. Minute Madness Winners: Round 1: Joe Dale of Bethel. Round 2: Ronin Keller of Bethel (Alex and Teresa Keller). Round 3: Crystal Samuelson of Bethel (via PKA). All receive a $10,000 jackpot. Announcements about the regular ice classic contest will be announced later this evening. Congrats!

The Breakup Bash will be happening near the Ice Classic shack at the Bethel riverfront Friday, May 6th at 6pm! Come down and eat a hotdog, listen to some live music, and celebrate the changing season!

2022 Minute Madness Ice Classic

The Kuskokwim Ice Classic is opening a Minute Madness contest for 2022 breakup fun. Regular Ice Classic sales (with a 50/50 Split the Pot jackpot!) will continue. Minute Madness opens on Friday, April 29th at 5 pm. Minutes will be sold in person at the AC Store from 5 to 6 pm and over the phone at 907-545-8483. Minutes are sold first come, first served, so don’t wait. Please click here for more details on Minute Madness. You can purchase a minute as a pool (group).

As for the regular Ice Classic, please remember our deadline! We take guesses up til the time the clock stops, but any submitted same-day guesses will be deemed ineligible to win (and not refunded) so it is important to not wait until it is too late to submit a valid guess. That rule states: Guesses must be submitted no later than the day before breakup occurs in order to be eligible to win.

Don’t miss your chance to own a minute of breakup on the Minute Madness wheel or to purchase your regular Ice Classic guesses!

2021 Minute Madness Winners!

And the $10,000 Minute Madness prize winners are:

Round One Winner: Randy Esmailka of Galena! Randy picked Minute 5 from his son’s birthday.

Round Two Winner: Magnus Laraux of Bethel! Magnus is the son of Gux and Lanai Laraux.

The Kuskokwim Ice Classic hosts Minute Madness, where customers have the opportunity to buy and own a minute of breakup. Both wheels sold out; both winners take home a $10,000 prize. We love this contest and we know the fans love it to- Round One sold out in two hours this year and Round Two sold out overnight. We’ve got some ideas for a new contest next year to put into the mix with the Regular Ice Classic and Minute Madness. Already looking forward to 2022!