2018 Group Sales Application Now Available!

Download Application HERE!

The 2018 Kuskokwim Ice Classic is providing an opportunity for youth-serving groups in Bethel and in Y-K Delta area villages to sell tickets for this season’s Ice Classic event. Groups selected to participate, and who sell the minimum number of required tickets, will receive a portion of the Ice Classic earnings. Only groups that sell the required number of tickets will receive funds from the Ice Classic. An explanation of this distribution formula is on page 3. Applications may be mailed, faxed, or emailed. The deadline for groups to apply to sell tickets is December 22, 2017 at 5 pm.

2018 Ice Classic

2018 is around the corner and we are gearing up for another great Ice Classic! If you are interested in selling Ice Classic tickets as a fundraiser for your group (with a focus on serving youth), call 543-1812! Thanks to GCI for donating the 2018 Ice Classic cable modem for our 2018 web cams!

The 2017 Kuskokwim Ice Classic Has A Winner!

We’ve been watching the river in anticipation for days! On May 4th, the tripod fell halfway through the ice increasing the suspense for many participants. This morning the tripod stopped the clock, marking the official 2017 Kuskokwim Ice Classic breakup time at exactly 2:51 AM, Saturday, May 6th. Kristine Nick of Bethel won the pot of $12,500. She had the closest guess with the time of 2:42 AM.

The winner of the Ice Classic is determined by the person or persons who guess the exact minute of breakup. If no one has guessed the exact minute of breakup, the next closest minute on either side of the exact minute will be the winning time. The time of breakup is determined by the minute the tripod movement causes the clock to stop. You can watch breakup occurring on the webcam time lapse here at our website.

Youth groups in the Y-K Delta benefit from the Kuskokwim Ice Classic. This year’s beneficiary groups are Delta Illusions Dance Co., Teens Acting Against Violence, and the YK Delta Lifesavers in Bethel; Aniak Girls Basketball, the Napaskiak Senior Class, Native Village of Hooper Bay Youth Employment program, and the City of Kalskag Youth program. All of these groups were ticket sellers for the event.

This year, the Ice Classic held the first Second Chance Contest. Participants guessed only the minute of breakup. Out of the 60 tickets sold, Susan Charles of Bethel with the minute 0:51, won the $10,000 jackpot.

For those of you in Bethel, join us for the annual Breakup Bash celebration at the riverfront across from First National Bank of Alaska Sunday, May 7th starting at 5 p.m. We will have live music, the BRHS Yup’ik dance group, and free hot dogs to celebrate breakup. For those of you not in Bethel, you will miss the hot dogs but can watch Bethelites celebrating this change in season via our webcam!