4:02 is the Official Time – Earliest Tripod Move in History

4:02 – Official Time

The 2019 Kuskokwim Ice Classic is over! After tripod fell into the water yesterday, we have been watching and waiting and waiting… And waiting some more!

It feels odd on the 12th of April to be talking about breakup, but it has happened.

All ticket sales are now closed.

According to the rules – ” If an early breakup should occur on or before April 22, 2019 at 7 pm, guesses must be submitted no later than the day before breakup occurs in order to be eligible to win. ”

Winner(s) will be announced soon!

Welcome to Summer!



Minute Madness is SOLD OUT

Wow, what a day! Minute Madness went on sale at noon today and sold out in a matter of hours!

Didn’t get a chance to participate in Minute Madness? We have had a lot of interest and are considering opening a second wheel over the weekend. If you would be interested in getting in on a second Minute Madness wheel (which would operate independently of the first wheel), let us know ASAP by texting or calling the sales phone at 545-8483 and we’ll put you on an interest list. If we get enough interest, we’ll get one going.

If Minute Madness isn’t really your jam, but you still want to get in on this crazy Ice Classic energy, you can find groups selling our regular Ice Classic tickets at AC and Swanson’s over the weekend. Don’t wait, though, the river could break any day! Don’t forget- if the river breaks before April 22, you have to have your guesses in the day before breakup, so move quickly!


The Kuskokwim Ice Classic will soon have TWO open contests for 2019 breakup fun.

Regular Ice Classic sales (with that $12,500 jackpot!) will continue, but the warm winter has caused the Ice Classic to move up its timeframe for the popular Minute Madness. Minute Madness was planned to open after the regular Ice Classic sales end, but the warmest winter anyone can remember has caused a change in plans. Minute Madness has a separate jackpot and will now open on Friday, April 5 at noon. Click here for more details on Minute Madness.

As for the regular Ice Classic, please learn the Early Breakup Rule and plan accordingly. That rule states: If an early breakup should occur on or before April 22, 2019 at 7 pm, guesses must be submitted no later than the day before breakup occurs in order to be eligible to win.

The Ice Classic will not refund guesses to customers who wait too long to purchase or return tickets. Although we know it’s part of the fun, if you choose to wait to purchase or return guesses, you are running the risk of missing the chance to purchase or having a nonrefundable, invalid guess!

Continue to look for our sales groups at AC and Swanson’s and read below for all of the regular Ice Classic information about guess drop boxes, sales locations, etc.!

2019 Ice Classic Sales are OPEN! $12,500 Jackpot!

We are pleased to announce that 2019 Ice Classic tickets are now on sale! We look forward to another exciting Kusko Ice Classic season and thank all of our customers for participating. Through your Ice Classic purchases, you are supporting nine different groups around the YK Delta that are fundraising to support their activities.

Permanent Sales Locations: You can purchase tickets at:

  • Swanson’s Customer Service
  • YK Fitness Center
  • VFW
  • Fili’s Pizza
  • Kuskokwim Consortium Library
  • BCSF

Bethel Ticket Sales Groups: Bethel groups will soon be selling tickets at AC every week day during the hours of 11am-3pm, and 5pm-7pm, with in-person sales at Swanson’s soon to follow. The Bethel groups selling Ice Classic tickets to raise money for their activities are: YK Delta Lifesavers, Bethel Friends of Canines, Delta Illusion Dance Company, KuC Student Government and Teens Acting Against Violence.

Phone Sales: Phone sales are open! Call 907-545-8483 to purchase your Ice Classic Tickets over the phone.

In-Person Sales in Other Communities: In-person sales can also be made in Aniak (contact Jenny Nicoli with Aniak Yuraq Group), Emmonak (contact Amber Hootch or Robin Kozevnikoff with Emmonak Search and Rescue), Napaskiak (contact Mariah Rens or Eric James with the Napaskiak Senior Class), and Kwigillingok (contact Crystal Johnson with the Kwig Senior Class).

Deadline: Guesses are due by Monday, April 22nd at 7 pm. Due to the unusually warm winter, the Kusko Ice Classic committee would like our fans to pay special attention to the rule that explains the process we will use if breakup happens on or before Monday, April 22 at 7 pm. If an early breakup should occur on or before April 22, 2019 at 7 pm, guesses must be submitted no later than the day before breakup occurs in order to be eligible to win. We will collect and separate guesses submitted at the end of the day each day if it appears that breakup may happen before the submission deadline date. Customers who choose to purchase tickets and wait to turn them in should be aware of weather conditions and the dropbox locations where tickets may be returned, as well as the business hours that allow accessibility to those dropbox locations, to ensure eligible guesses are entered in compliance with this rule.

Ticket Prices: Tickets are $5 for one, or $20 for a book of five, which will give you a chance at winning a $12,500 jackpot again this year!

Tripod: The 2019 tripod, constructed by Eric Whitney based on a design by LKSD STEM students, was recovered last year! The tripod was placed on the river in front of FNBA in February.  Go check it out sometime, and remember to keep an eye on the river conditions!

Dropbox Locations in Bethel: Some customers purchase guesses and choose to submit them later. Dropbox locations can be found at:

  • RAVN
  • AC Customer Service Desk
  • Swanson’s Customer Service
  • YK Fitness Center
  • VFW
  • Fili’s Pizza
  • BCSF

Please read the rule written above about early breakup and be mindful of the weather and the hours of the businesses that have dropboxes. We don’t want customers who purchased guesses to miss their chance to turn them in!